Islands ... Traces

A couple of really interesting projects curated by Ann Bean and Gary Stevens are currently taking place in two spaces situated in leafy Southwark Park. 

Both look at the politics and processes of collaborative practice with WAKE asking a series of artists to create work from the remains of an installation that has preceded them and ARCHIPELAGO asking fourteen artists to jostle for space, locked in negotiations over boundaries and take overs; poised on the brink of possible invasion. 

I'm looking forward to seeing the development of WAKE this weekend but have set down some thoughts on a work by Ian Bourn entitled Skirting (Version One) which does a really good job of holding its own amoung the chaos of ARCHIPELAGO. You can read my piece "It's Always the Quiet Ones" over on the accompanying blog VISIBLE TRACKS as well as some other interesting discussion about the project. 

Skirting (Version One), Installation View.

WAKE is open 12-6pm Saturday and Sunday in Dilston Grove and ARCHIPELAGO from 12-6pm Wednesday to Sunday in Cafe Gallery. Until 17th July.


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