Le Baiser

A little something inspired by Siân Hislop's excellent solo exhibition at French Riviera Gallery in Bethnal Green. The verse is pretty teenage but Siân didn't seem to mind because the clamour of teen passion, ripped knees, Dazed and Confused kisses and decaying Americana are all wrapped up in her tight, psychedelic poster portraits. The images that form the paintings come from the locked tight, ebullient heart of fandom, tinged with the sinister sadness of legend faded and time passed - and are completely great.

Sugar High, 2011
Acrylic ink and oil on paper, 65 x 85 cm 

Le Baiser

What's wrong with all this kissing and stuff? 
Fingers feel the drift of rainbow brite / megabite joy falling. 
Hooked in a waistband
lean against lean. 

He drives me crazy with the way he is, 
all casual dress, glitter-fuck and night fun. 
I don't know what happened to me....
my eyes glazed over and I just fell. 

I shine and splinter in bits around here, 
until everything is burning. 
That I might get to hold you in this decay and that decay, 
bright like petrol in pools
and dead all the time.


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