Entre-voir / Inter-view

Adorno / Derrida / Rifkin / Lomax
It has been a month of thinking a lot about the importance of the things that fall between the gaps.

Gaps in

Language / Translation
Performance / Documentation
Event / History
Spoken / Received
Fort / Da

With this in mind, a particular moment stood out for me in
Otolith III which is screening at Tate Britain at the moment, as part of the Turner Prize exhibition.

The Journalist: "I didn't want him to make the film. Explaining why he couldn't, that's what mattered."

This line resonated amid a complex visual and oral narrative constructed around the tension between being and not being. Inevitably this 'gap' is rich with possibility which manifests notably in the 'The Director's' sequential listing of possible candidates for the lead characters, props and locations for the imagined work. Faces, sash windows, foot stools and study rooms are collected together and considered in their specificity of expression, weight and shape, for the way they let in and conceal the light. All of them possible candidates for what could be / could have been.


The gap is nuanced loaded with potential.

There is much in the film to reflect on and I will probably need to go back for a second viewing.

It remains interesting to consider the Journalist's words in light of her inherent paradox - the paradox that confines her to non being in order to be.

Her possible presence is constituted in her actual absence - I'm pretty sure I've read something like that in the last month...


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